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Raven M. Hunter is a minister, inspirational speaker, and coach, and the Author and Annual Conference creator of “You Are Not Your Circumstances,” the Co-Author of an anthology, “Women Waiting to Exhale,” and the creator of the bible study journal, “Growing through God’s Word.” And many more journals.

In 2016, Raven launched her business Inspiring and Empowering Lives, LLC, where she helps women to redefine their money story and activate their best self.

She teach women how to redefine their purpose for their life, heal from broken relationships, live a healthy lifestyle and accelerate debt reduction so that they can break free from financial hardships without sacrificing self.

She help them to align themselves with the will of God so that they can manifest the life they desire by following my 4 Step Spiritual Framework to Instantly Help You Exceed Your Spiritual, Mental, Physical and Financial Goals.

Raven is a single mother who has had circumstances that God has helped her to overcome. Her mission is to inspire people so that they can overcome any obstacles when they put their trust in God. Raven was born and raised in Little Rock, Arkansas where she currently resides with her son.